Audi A6 (C6/4F Chassis) 3.0 Tdi Quattro


Brand: Hosetechnik

Code: AUD-4-278C


  • A6 (C6/4F Chassis) 3.0 Tdi Quattro. 
  • 2004-2011.
  • 4 Line set. 

Why should I change my brake lines to Braided Stainless Steel ones?


  • Better brake pedal feel – firmer under pressure
  • More efficient braking- the PTFE lined, Stainless steel brake lines will not expand under load unlike OEM rubber hoses
  • Long Lasting- PVC outer and Stainless-Steel end fittings will outlast the standard Mild Steel and rubber lines many time
  • Available in many outer colour options to compliment your vehicle
  • Rigorously tested and approved to the FMVSS 106 certification standards.